Note Taking

Note Taking

We ask that students requesting a note taker do so within the first two weeks of class when possible. Before requesting a note takerplease check with your professor to see if class notes are already available. Some faculty post their notes or offer guided notes or slides that can be used instead of requesting additional notes from a note taker.

Take your own notes as your disability allows.

Note taking is an important component of learning. Students are required to take their own notes as their disability allows. The note taker’s notes are to be viewed as supplemental to the requesting student’s own notes. Attendance is required for the student receiving the notes.

Permission to use a recording device in the classroom.

To use a recording device in a classroom for the purpose of recording lectures, and other classroom discussion, you must have a registered disability and receive permission from the faculty/instructor. Please use this form when requesting to record.

To apply to be a notetaker, click here to view the application instructions.


Resources for taking notes