Request Accommodations

The Accommodation Request Process

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The College views the accommodation request process as an interactive process, and values the input received from the individual requesting the accommodation. Students must request accommodations in a timely manner to allow the Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR) staff to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations. 


Newly admitted students who have not requested accommodations before

Check out how to request accommodations for the first time in the Incoming Student Welcome Packet

ADR defines newly admitted students as students who have not yet attended class. To review accommodations in a timely manner, ADR asks that all entering first-year and transfer students submit requests for accommodations within two weeks of gaining access to the Entering Student Checklist. If the need for accommodations is not known by that date, please submit the request as soon as possible. Late requests may result in delayed accommodations for the semester.


Current students who have been previously approved for accommodations

ADR asks that returning students with approved accommodations submit their requests at least 2 weeks in advance of the start of the semester and with longer notice for accommodations that may take more time in planning. For assistance sending letters of accommodation to faculty on AIM, please see this walk-through. This AIM walk-through is also available in a text-only Word Document

Returning students are required to schedule a meeting with Accessibility Disability Resources if their documentation has been updated, or they are requesting different accommodations. This should be scheduled within the first two weeks of a semester. Before this meeting, please check that your documentation is current, or has had updates provided by a qualified professional. Choose the following link for more details: Documentation Requirements


Current students who have not previously requested accommodations

ADR defines current students who have not previously requested accommodations as any student who is currently in classes but is not registered with ADR. ADR asks that these students request accommodations at least 2 weeks in advance of the start of the semester with longer notice for accommodations that may take more time in planning. Staff are available to discuss possible needs and also encourage students to initiate contact by filling out an application as described in the next section.


To request accommodations, please follow these steps:

ADR has purchased an online system called Accessible Information Management (AIM) to more easily allow students to request accommodations and for ADR staff to address them. The system allows students to submit an application, upload documentation, receive follow-up emails through the system from ADR staff. If approved for academic, housing, and other accommodations, students will have additional features available to them.

Please follow the instructions below to make yourself known to ADR staff and begin the accommodation request process.

  1. Please login to the Accessible Information Management (AIM) portal by clicking the following link: AIM Portal. You will be asked to login using your Wellesley username and password. First time users without previous accommodation approval will be asked to complete an application and upload documentation. Students with previously approved accommodations will be able to login and choose the accommodations needed that they have been approved for or request new accommodations by selecting “Additional Accommodation Request Form” which will be on the left side of the screen. Students will be able to respond to the question regarding what additional accommodations are needed and be able to submit additional documentation if this is needed to understand the request.

  2. Students may also bring documentation during your scheduled meeting with Accessibility and Disability Resources if you are not able to do so using the AIM portal and would like to discuss new accommodations.
  3. Questions about documentation requirements can be found at Documentation Requirements
  4. Those making new requests should schedule an appointment as soon as you come to campus to meet with the director. To schedule a meeting, please email Jim Wice (, or call Jessica Washak at 781-283-1300.
  5. Once students new or previously approved accommodation request have been submitted, they will receive follow-up information from the appropriate ADR staff member.


Approval process

After you have completed an application in AIM and have met with an ADR staff person, a determination will be made regarding your request for accommodations.

Please note:

There must be a connection between the disability, the requested accommodation itself and the purpose of that accommodation as it relates to the education program or campus activity. If the requested accommodation fundamentally alters essential requirements of the program, then it is not viewed as reasonable.

After review of your application, you will be notified about the status of your request.

Approved - Accessibility and Disability Resources will inform the requesting individual whether the request for accommodations is approved, or if an alternative accommodation has been identified and approved.

More information requested and continued dialogue- Documentation may be insufficient and may not be enough to warrant accommodations. Accessibility and Disability Resources can explain what additional information is needed.

Not approved - If the accommodations the individual is seeking are not approved, Accessibility and Disability Resources will follow-up to explain the decision. If the individual would like to pursue their request they are asked to make an appointment with the director for further discussion. If no further agreement can be reached, an individual can request an appeal.