Request Accommodations

The Accommodation Request Process

Please contact us if you have any questions!

The College views the accommodation request process as an interactive process and values input received from the individual requesting the accommodation.  Students must request accommodations in a timely manner to allow the College to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations. 

New students - To request accommodation, please click on the Entering Student Checklist.  You will find Accessibility and Disability Resources under the Health and Wellness section.  If you are uploading documentation during this application process, please have it ready as the program will time out after 30 minutes.  Questions about document requirements can be found here. Questions? Please contact us at

Returning students - Accessibility and Disability Resources is in the process of installing Accessibility Information Management (AIM) software.  It is our intention to have this system in place by mid-August 2019.  At that time, you will receive directions from us on how to log-in to your AIM account.

Prior to mid-August 2019, if your documentation has been updated, or you are requesting different accommodations, please contact Accessibility and Disability Resources directly to submit documentation and speak with a staff member. Documentation Requirements can be found here. Please contact us at for further information.


Approval process

After you have submitted your documentaion and have met with Accessibility and Disability Resources, a determination will be made regarding your request for accommodations.

Please note:

There must be a connection between the disability, the requested accommodation itself and the purpose of that accommodation as it relates to the education program or campus activity.  If the requested accommodation fundamentally alters essential requirements of the program, then it is not viewed as reasonable.

After review of your application, you will be notified about the status of your request.

Approved - Accessibility and Disability Resources will inform the requesting individual whether the request for accommodations is approved, or if an alternative accommodation has been identified and approved.

More information requested- Documentation may be insufficient and may not be enough to warrant accommodations.  Accessibility and Disability Resources can explain what additional information is needed.

Not approved - If the accommodations the individual is seeking are not approved, Accessibility and Disability Resources will follow-up to explain the decision.  If the individual would like to pursue their request, they are asked to make an appointment with the director for further discussion.  If no further agreement can be reached, an individual can request an appeal (see Information about the Appeal Process).