US Study and Financial Aid

Leave to Pursue Study for Credit at another US Institution

This category of leave is appropriate for students who are taking a leave in order to study at least half-time at a US institution other than Wellesley’s formal exchange partners (the 12 College Program, Mills College, and Spelman College).  Students who are enrolled at least half time in an approved educational program MAY be eligible for financial aid in support of their study away from Wellesley.   There are three components to determining whether aid is available:

1.  Leave Status
Students studying at least half-time at other US institutions and seeking financial aid for study away should be sure when they declare their leave that they note the correct category of leave, which is “Pursuing Study at Another US Institution.”

2.  Transfer of Credit
In order to receive credit for study away, and to determine if any financial aid will be available for studying away, students must be in a course of study that is approved for transfer back to Wellesley.  For study at US institutions other than our Exchange partners, each course a student will take must be approved by the Wellesley registrar and the relevant Wellesley department, in advance.  The transfer of credit request is available through MyWellesley and further information about this process is available here

3. The Study Away Cost Verification Form
Students studying away from Wellesley College who hope to receive financial aid from Wellesley, must file a Study Away Cost Verification Form (also called a “Consortium Agreement”).   This form must be returned to the Student Financial Services Office by June 1 for fall and full year programs, and by December 1 for spring programs.  This form makes it possible for eligible students to use all or part of their financial aid award for an approved “Study Away” program.  Study Away includes all approved international programs, as well as any 12 College Exchange program and the Williams-Mystic Seaport Program; other US institutions may be included as official Study Away destinations on a case-by-case basis. 

As the home institution, Wellesley College can transfer a portion of a student’s financial aid to another school status.  In addition to completing the Study Away Cost Verification Form, the student must have completed all other necessary documentation required by Student Financial Services.  Official Study Away status means that Wellesley College will consider the student to be a fully registered student.  This agreement specifies that only one institution, the “home institution,” may award the student federal or state financial aid.  The student may receive financial assistance from the host school or program as long as that funding is not from the federal or state government.  As with any outside awards, students are required to notify Student Financial Services if they do receive any assistance directly from their host institution.

Any financial aid students receive from Wellesley College will be applied to their student account.  Once students receive a bill from the host institution, they must present it to Student Financial Services who will arrange for the funds to be transferred.  Funds cannot actually be transferred until they are received by the College, i.e., the Federal Stafford Loan check has been received and endorsed, Federal Perkins Loan promissory note signed, Federal Pell Grant processed, state scholarship certified and paid to Wellesley College, etc.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the necessary paperwork has been completed in Student Financial Services and to verify student account status with the host school as well as Student Financial Services.