Class Deans

The Class Deans work closely together to provide strong individualized advising to students, and we collaborate with faculty advisors and staff members from many other offices across the College to help make sure all of our students have the support they need to realize their goals.  Students are welcome to visit our offices on the second floor of the Schneider Center during drop-in times for quick questions with the dean on duty, or they can schedule an appointment following the links below.  Students can also email their dean directly to set up a meeting. 

Appointment Calendars (Google calendars):

Please sign up to meet with a dean using the calendars linked below.  When you follow the link, you will see that dean's open appointment times, superimposed on your own Google calendar.  Open the time you want to come by and click save to make the appointment.  If the available times don't work for your schedule please email the dean, and we will be happy to make other arrangements for you. 

Alison Black (Class of 2018): sign up for an appointment with Alison. Email at

Susan Cohen (Class of 2019 and Davis Scholars): sign up for an appointment with Susan. Email at

Rebecca Garcia (Class of 2020, M-Z): sign up for an appointment with Rebecca. Email at

John O'Keefe (Class of 2020, A-L): sign up for an appointment with John. Email at

Lori Tenser (Class of 2021): sign up for an appointment with Lori. Email at

NOTE: We are now located in the Schneider Center.