Activities & Resources

All the facilities, activities, and supports of Wellesley College are open to Davis Scholars.  (See "Especially for Students" on the College website for an introduction to what's available at Wellesley.

The Davis Scholars also have their own house, activities, and traditions:

CE House

The Continuing Education House is located on Tupelo Point and has been the campus home for the nontraditional students' program since the mid-1970s.  Originally sharing its name with the program itself, the house continued to be called Continuing Education House--generally shortened to CE House--even after the program was renamed the Davis Degree Program.  With a fully-furnished living room and kitchen plus four computer stations, CE House offers a comfortable, convenient space to gather formally and informally.  CE House is a place for Davis Scholars to study, hold meetings and events, relax or cook a meal with friends.  Davis Scholars have 24-hour access to CE House.

Davis Scholar Class Council

Davis Scholar Class Council is the governing body of the community.  All Davis Scholars are members of Class Council.  Class Council advises Davis Scholars regarding the provisions set forth by College Government and also acts as a forum to communicate Davis Scholars' concerns and interests.  Class Council also organizes community activities and events throughout the year.  Meetings are held once a week and are open to all members of the community.

Davis Scholar Lifeline Fund

The Davis Scholar Lifeline Fund was initiated in 1992 by Bonnie Dretler, DS '95.  Aware that some Davis Scholars needed supplemental financial assistance for items such as meal tickets, copying expenses, or small grants for emergencies, Bonnie and other Davis Scholars developed the Lifeline Fund to help meet those needs.  Lifeline grants are administered through the Students' Aid Society

Hoop Rolling Breakfast

Hoop Rolling is a Wellesley tradition dating back to the nineteenth century.  The race begins on Tupelo Lane near CE House.  The Davis Scholars have become a special part of the tradition by providing breakfast for participants and spectators.  Graduating Davis Scholars also roll their hoops and participate in the race.