For Juniors

Students presenting at Ruhlman Conference

Navigating Junior Year - Class Deans Resources

There's lots happening in your Junior year! Continue to meet with your Class Dean who will support you in your student success at Wellesley.

Use the PLTC for additional support. They offer assistance with time management, and also offers a variety of tutoring programs including: Cafe's (group tutoring for multiple courses within a discipline), Attached Tutoring (tutor office hours for a specific course and section), Supplemental Instruction (group tutoring for a specific course and section) and Assigned (Individual) tutoring. Motivation Stations will be offered in dorms/remote communities on a weekly basis.  Drop-in tutors hold weekly office hours.


Term 1 and Term 2 Timeline


It's Degree Audit time. Visit your Dean and check in on your progress.


Monday, September 7 (Labor Day):   Classes WILL be held 

Applications for Spring Study Abroad are due by September. Contact the Office of International Study (OIS) with exact date, and for further questions and guidance.


Be aware of academic deadlines.  These can be found on the Academic Calendar:

  • Deadline to ADD a Term 1 course
  • Deadline to submit paperwork for a cross-registered fall course
  • Deadline to submit Spring & Summer 2020 incomplete work to instructors
  • Deadline to declare a Term 1 course CREDIT/NON
  • Deadline to DROP a Term 1 course

FAFSA applications are open.  Get your forms in as early as possible for the best shot at financial aid.   Have questions or need assistance?  Student Financial Services can help.



Monday, October 12:  (Indigenous Peoples' Day:   Classes WILL be held

Sunday, October 18:   Fall Mid-Semester Break Begins

Sunday, October 25:   Fall Mid-Semester Break Ends

Monday, October 26:   Fall Term 2 Classes Start


Be aware of academic deadlines.  These can be found on the Academic Calendar:


    • Deadline to Withdraw from a Term 1 course
    • Deadline to declare a Term 1 course Credit/Non
    • Deadline to ADD a Term 2 course



    Truman Scholarship applications due early December.  You can find it on Career Education

    Learn more about Term 3 and Term 4 at the Academic Open Houses

    Register for Term 3 and Term 4 classes

    Take time to meet with your Dean and faculty advisor with any question

    Some summer internship applications due. Make sure you are on schedule - check out the Career Education application page.


    Thursday, November 26:  Thanksgiving break!

    Thanksgiving 2019: Why Thanksgiving Day Is So Late | The Old Farmer's  Almanac

    Monday, November 30:    Classes resume


    Be aware of academic deadlines.  These can be found on the Academic Calendar:

    • Deadline to DROP A Term 2 course 




        Take time to relax and get some stress relief. If you're not sure where to go, give us a call.  We will provide information about events happening across campus.


        Be aware of academic deadlines.  These can be found on the Academic Calendar:

        • Deadline to declare a Term 2 course Credit/Non
        • Deadline to withdraw from a Term 2 course
        • Deadline to withdraw from a cross-registered Fall semester course
        • Reading period
        • Final Examinations

        Term 3 and Term 4 Timeline


        Welcome back!  The spring terms start in the winter wonderland of Wellesley.  Need some winter clothes?  Visit the WSAS Clothes Closet.

        Winter doldrums?  Come and talk with us.  We'd love for you to stop in.  There are no drop in hours, but you can always email your class dean for an appointment, or call the main office at 781-283-2325 to set one up. 

        Staying over and need to know about housing? Contact Res Life

        The Albright Institute is in session - take time to listen to the incredible speakers

        Please be aware of academic deadlines, which can be found in the Academic Calendar

        Deadlines in January are:

        • Deadline to submit Fall incomplete work in late January
        • Deadline for Fall/Winter make-up final exams

        Term 2 final grades are released in early January



        Be aware of upcoming academic deadlines.  View the Academic Calendar

        • Deadline to ADD a T3 course
        • Deadline to submit paperwork for a cross-registered course
        • Deadline to DROP a T3 course

        Interested in alternative break trip? Career Education can provide more information.

        Spring Break!



        Learn more about fall courses at the Academic Open Houses.   Check in with your Class Dean to ensure that your distribution requirements are being met.    

        Register for Fall Classes.  Questions? We can help

        Marathon Monday!

        Thinking about a summer term at Wellesley.  Lots of information is available.

        Choose your housing for your senior year.  Find more information on the Fall Housing Room Selection Process

        The Ruhlman Conference is held in late April or early May.


        Now is the time for some Post-Baccalaureate planning.  Your Class Dean can help

        Be aware of the academic deadlines.  You can find them in the Academic Calendar.

        • Deadline to WITHDRAW from a Term 4 course
        • Reading period
        • Final papers are due
        • Final examinations

        Senior year is just around the corner!  Next year will be very exciting and busy.  Take time to look at the Senior information pages!

        Enjoy your summer break, and check in with your Dean when you come back.

        You are not on this journey alone, in life or at Wellesley.  Your class dean will be there for you every step of the way to make sure that you have the individual attention & support you need to realize your goals.

        Nayanika Das, Class of 2021

        Contact: Dean Susan Cohen, Dean of the Class of 2022 & Davis Scholars Director, Davis Degree Program Wellesley College | Schneider Center, Room 223 | | 781.283.2325