Fellowships and Career Education Information

Colleagues in Career Education are here to help you to imagine the possibilities and prepare for your life after Wellesley. Whether you are looking for a job, applying for graduate school, interested in a fellowship or a year of service, or just don’t know where to begin, they are here to help.

Unsure of what you want to do or how to get started? Meet with your College Career Mentor. Your mentor is here to give you the support, tools, connections and space for self-assessment and reflection that will help you to launch a career grounded in a sense of your own values, strengths and interests. Find your mentor, find an event or make an appointment in Handshake.

Once you’ve identified a career path that is right for you or one that you’d simply like to learn more about, meet with one of our Community Career Advisors. Members of this team have expertise in a wide variety of professional fields and can offer you resources, advice and connection that will help you launch your career with confidence. Appointments with advisor and relevant events can also be found in Handshake.


Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

For those of you interested in graduate study, research or travel after Wellesley, there are a number of graduate fellowships and scholarships to which you may want to apply.  Some are national; some are exclusively for Wellesley students. Students who wish to study a foreign language, teach English abroad, spend a year of travel overseas, conduct global research or fund graduate study may all have interest in a graduate fellowship.  Kate Dailinger (kdailing@wellesley.edu) is the resource person in Career Education for information about graduate fellowship and scholarship opportunities. You can find more information about fellowships available here.

Fellowships and Grants for Seniors

In addition to fellowships and scholarships for after Wellesley, there are a number of special funds available just for Wellesley seniors.  The various fellowships and grants have different focuses and criteria as well as separate application processes.  Applying can be a strenuous project, but it is also very good experience in itself and may, of course, result in your getting funding, so do give some serious thought to applying. The following two fellowships offer funding for projects pursued in the senior year; they are not coordinated by the Fellowships office in Career Education, however, so please refer to their specific websites for more information.

The Jerome A. Schiff Fellowships provide stipends, generally of $1500, to honor excellence in research and support students doing senior honors thesis work. Eligibility is limited to students currently enrolled in a 360 or intending to enroll in a 360 in the spring. Applications will be evaluated based on academic merit, feasibility of the research project, and its promise for providing a meaningful and productive intellectual experience. You can find further information about the Schiff here.  

The Pamela Daniels ’59 Fellowships are intended to foster the ideal of self-discovery through imagination as well as intellect and to encourage the independent, maverick spirit at Wellesley.  The fellowships provide up to $3500 for original senior projects that can be analytic or creative; though a project must be done in the context of a credit-bearing course or independent study, it does not have to be connected to a thesis or even a course in the student’s major.  You can find more information about the fellowship, including inspiring links to the “dream projects” of previous Daniels fellows, here.  Applications are due by noon on Thursday, October 1st.

Information about additional research and travel opportunities for Wellesley students can be found here.