Spring Transfer Students

Wellesley welcomes students who have transferred from various schools as well as students participating in exchange programs.

If you are interested in transferring to Wellesley College, please visit our Admissions Office web page.

If you have already been accepted as a transfer student and will enter Wellesley in January 2020, please check this page regularly for information related to your arrival, Orientation, and your first semester at Wellesley. Once you have paid your deposit and received information about logging into Wellesley's online systems, you should follow the link in the top left hand corner of this page to MyWellesley. There, on a tab labeled "Entering Students" you will find a checklist of tasks to complete before your arrival. 


You should plan to arrive on campus during the morning of Thursday, January 23, 2020. We will have an Orientation program for new students starting with a Welcome Lunch that day. Classes for the spring semester will begin on Monday, January 27.


Registration Information.  You will register for courses in advance of your arrival by consulting with Dean Lori Tenser, but included here are general instructions about the registration process. As you consider your course choices for the spring, please consult with Dean Black (ablack3@wellesley.edu) or Dean Garcia (rgarcia2@wellesley.edu); they will guide you through the registration process and can advise you about your course selections.


Quantitative Reasoning Requirement.  All students take our Quantitative Reasoning Basic Skills Assessment as they enter Wellesley, and you will take this shortly after your arrival.  You will need to take this assessment even if you are receiving transfer credit for a statistics course taken elsewhere; passing this assessment is itself part of the requirement.  You can prepare for this assessment by reviewing the material and taking the practice test posted here


Other information: