What is WellesleyPlus?

WellesleyPlus is a special program designed to enhance the excellent experience we offer all Wellesley students with additional opportunities for learning and growth in the first year.  Each summer, students are invited to participate in this program during their first year at Wellesley, and we accept 25 or so students into this progam each year.  Find out about the details of what the program includes here, including
  • the courses students take,
  • the workshops and seminars we offer,
  • and the summer internship possibilities. 

Find out about who the progam is designed for, and consider whether it is right for you here

By choosing to be part of WellesleyPlus, you will join an academic program designed to assist with the transition to college, as you and your classmates learn to build on your academic strengths and identify areas for improvement.  You will engage in projects designed to enhance your expertise in critical analysis, research, writing, and working with quantitative materials.  WellesleyPlus also includes an advising component, designed to help you build strong relationships with the other participating students and faculty and peer advisors.  And WellesleyPlus is an interactive program, designed to help you make strong connections with your new classmates and develop skills inside and outside the classroom that will contribute to success in college and beyond.  Here you will find some basic information about the WellesleyPlus program and as well as some contact information for some of the people leading WellesleyPlus.

If you are invited to consider this program, we hope you will think about your needs and what WellesleyPlus offers in deciding if it is right for you.  In building this program, we are working with what we know about student needs in general, and each individual student's experience and goals are going to be variations on that general understanding.  We know that this program is not for everyone, but it could be an important beginning at Wellesley for you, as it has for many students over the past few years.