Tanner Conference

As the final component of the Institute, the Albright Fellows present at the annual Tanner Conference about their summer internship experiences.  

At the 2014 Tanner Conference on October 28, 2014, the Albright Fellows gave the following presentations about their internship experiences. 


Public Private Partnerships in Establishing a Successful Health System, Sebiha M. Abdullahi ’15, Biological Chemistry

The Kingdom: Challenges and Prospects, Noorah Al-Eidi ’15, Economics

Particles and Politics: Summer at CERN’s Office of International Relations, Alexandra Day, ’15, Physics

Ready for Korean Unification? Preparation at a Policy Think Tank, Charlotte F. Fitzek ’15, East Asian Studies

Sitting at the Adults’ Table: A Summer at the State Department, Nathalie V. Gruet ’15, Political Science

What They Don’t Tell You About Wall Street, Narayani Gupta ’15, Economics

Albright Stonebridge Group: Consulting Internship, Elizabeth Kapnick ’15, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies

A New Way to Eat in China, Diana Lee ’15, Environmental Studies and Geosciences

Strength in Unity?: Social and Political Transition in Georgia, Margaret McClure ’15, Russian and Political Science

Gateway to the U.S.: Education Consulting in China, Berit Paxson-Tarnai ’15, Mathematics

The Generation after the Genocide: Mentoring College Women From Cambodia’s Rural Provinces, Saraswati Rathod ’15, Political Science

Data and Empowerments: Engaging Communities to Improve Reproductive Health in the Philippines, Victoria Rines ’15, Biological Sciences

Tracking the Perfect Vector: Mosquito-Borne Chikungunya Virus in the Dominican Republic, Rebecca Rubinstein ’15, Spanish and Biological Sciences

Merging the Spirit and the Secular in Global Affairs, Jenna Russo ’14, Philosophy

Toward a Global Collaborative: How NGOs Fit at the United Nations, Elena Scott-Kakures ’15, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies

Breaking Down Barriers: Peacebuilding and Cross-Community Engagement in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Claire Tam ’15, Political Science