Françoise Carré ’79
Research Director, Center for Social Policy, McCormack Graduate School, University of Massachusetts Boston

Françoise Carré
Françoise Carré is the research director at the Center for Social Policy (CSP), a policy research and evaluation center with a primary focus on policies addressing poverty, joblessness, and low-wages in Massachusetts, nationally, and internationally.

Françoise Carré is Research Director of the Center for Social Policy, University of Massachusetts Boston. She serves as Statistics Program Director and coordinates research for the research and policy network WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing).

Françoise specializes in applied labor economics and comparative employment relations and writes about temporary and informal work in developed and developing countries. Carré currently serves on the international scientific council for a French multi-university and cross-disciplinary research cluster focused on work (GESTES). She received her PhD in urban and regional studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has undergraduate degrees in economics from Wellesley College (Phi Beta Kappa, Durant Scholar) and Université Paris IX Dauphine (France).

Her most recent co-authored book is Where Bad Jobs Are Better: Retail Jobs across Countries and Companies (Russell Sage Foundation, 2017) recipient of 2017 William G. Bowen award for outstanding book on labor and public policy, Princeton University Industrial Relations Section and of the American Sociological Association 2019 Distinguished Monograph Award of the Labor and Labor Movements Section. Also, “Informal Employment in the Global South: Globalisation, Production Relations and ‘Precarity”, with M. Rogan, M. Chen, and S. Roever, in Precarious Work: Causes, Characteristics, and Consequences (2018), Arne Kalleberg and Steven Vallas, Special eds. Research in the Sociology of Work