Sarah E. Wall-Randell ’97
Associate Professor of English, Wellesley College

Sarah E. Wall-Randell
Sarah Wall-Randell is an assistant professor in the English Department.

Her book, The Immaterial Book: Reading and Romance in Early Modern England (University of Michigan Press, 2012) examines the "imaginary history" of books and reading in English Renaissance romances, and investigates the question of why books continued to be represented in Renaissance literature as magical, mysterious objects, even as the technological advance of the printing press made real books ever more available, accessible, and ordinary. She has also published articles on Christopher Marlowe's encyclopedism and 16th century women's autobiography.

Wall-Randell teaches courses on Shakespeare, Milton, and 16th- and 17th-century literature as well as courses in the Medieval/Renaissance Studies Program. Before coming to Wellesley, she completed an M.Phil. in Renaissance literature at Oxford University and a Ph.D. in English at Harvard.