Joanne Murray

S. Joanne Murray is the Founding Director of the Madeleine Korbel Albright Institute for Global Affairs. The focus of Joanne’s work is on preparing students for citizenship and leadership in an increasingly complex and interdependent global environment. Throughout her career, Murray has been a leader in designing new teaching and learning models to transform the liberal arts for leadership.

The Albright Institute for Global Affairs, named to honor Madeleine K. Albright, the United States’ first female Secretary of State and Wellesley College alumna, class of 1959, structures a multidisciplinary, liberal arts examination of global affairs, an innovative curriculum and pedagogy that combines the intellectual resources of faculty from Wellesley College, leading alumnae practitioners, and experts in the fields of international relations and public policy. Albright Fellows participate in an intensive Wintersession course, followed by a summer internship in global affairs. The Albright Institute transforms the liberal arts in its education for the world’s women leaders. Focused on collaborative inquiry and collective action, and inviting scholars and leading practitioners to teach and learn together, the Albright Institute interrupts siloed learning. By connecting new ideas with action, we prepare women to initiate and accelerate meaningful change.

Joanne directed Empowering Women for Leadership: Challenges of an Urban Future, the Albright Institute’s inaugural program of the Wellesley College-Peking University Partnership for Women’s Leadership in a Global Era. Held June 2013 in Beijing, China, students and faculty from both institutions participated in a joint examination of the shared global issues, culminating in joint presentations to Chinese Urban Development leaders. This partnership is the first in a series of collaborations that Wellesley College will develop with distinguished educational institutions throughout the world as Wellesley amplifies its role as a preeminent global resource and authority on the education of women for leadership.

Prior to the founding of the Albright Institute, Joanne’s focus was instrumental in building the College’s experiential learning internships programs, which annually fund over 300 Wellesley students to participate in internships in over 35 countries and throughout the United States. Through a partnership with the Dean of the College, Joanne co-founded the Tanner Conference, an annual college-wide event which is premised on the belief that greater understanding of the learning that takes place off-campus, combined with critical inquiry into the purpose, value and effect of such learning—has the potential to move liberal education in new directions.  

Murray founded and directed the Lumpkin Institute for Service Learning. Designed for students with a commitment to service, the Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service Learning challenges students to explore and participate in social change in the Greater Boston Area. During the 10-week program, students reside together in Boston while undertaking full-time internships with local nonprofit organizations. Led by Wellesley College faculty, staff, and nonprofit practitioners, a weekly seminar integrating experiential and traditional classroom learning benefits not only the Wellesley interns, but also the communities in which they serve.

Joanne is a frequent speaker on women’s leadership in a new global context and the author of numerous articles that address emerging organizational and management issues. Women’s place and power continues to be a woman’s personal and professional negotiation. Murray explores how these concepts, though evolving, can be leveraged to create more equitable society for all women, and men.

Murray earned a B.A. from Wellesley College and an Ed.M. from Harvard University.  

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