Current Fellows

Crystal Adu-Poku

Crystal (Kwabea) is a senior majoring in Political Science. She has a deep interest in international relations, particularly in how the global political and economic systems of power are structured, and the roles that the Global North and Global South play in that system. She spent her entire junior year studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, and spent her summer working at a public policy think tank in Accra, Ghana. On campus, Crystal is actively involved with the Wellesley African Students Association (WASA), and worked for 2 years at the Wellesley Centers for Women as a Research Assistant. She plans to attend law school eventually to pursue a J.D. in international law.

Ayotimoni Akindolie

Timoni is a senior majoring in Economics at Wellesley. Inspired by her Entrepreneurship Acceleration Lab course at the Sloan School of Management, Timoni took a stab at entrepreneurship and co-launched Nigeria's first online baby shopping platform in the summer of 2015. While spending her junior year abroad at the London School of Economics, Timoni joined She Leads Africa, a social enterprise that helps in identifying and training high growth African female entrepreneurs. Upon graduation from Wellesley, Timoni hopes to launch her career in the business field.

Kim Asenbeck

Kim Asenbeck is a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Economics. In the summer of 2015, Kim worked as an intern in Budapest at a think tank focused on prioritizing development investments through cost-benefit analysis. This coming summer, she will be working at Microsoft as a Software Engineering intern. Kim comes from a multicultural background - her father is from Germany, her mother is Brazilian, and she grew up in Bavaria before moving to the United States at age seven. Kim speaks German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic. Before coming to Wellesley, Kim spent a year living in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil where she worked as an apprentice at a local NGO and served as a Global Citizen Year fellow. After graduation, Kim intends to enter the tech industry. She aspires to leverage her interdisciplinary skill-set to develop data-driven solutions to poverty alleviation and economic development, and to create technology with a social impact.

Amal Cheema

As a junior majoring in biochemistry and political science, Amal is passionate about interdisciplinary approaches when solving hard problems. She is currently into the second year of a three-year project, which focuses on developing nanoparticles for targeted cancer treatment. This research has given her insight into both medical innovation as well as disparities in health-policy. On-campus, Amal actively participates in the leadership of her Class, Model United Nations and the Wellesley News. Because of coursework in community development, she is motivated to pursue diverse opportunities, from Multifaith Council and to ALLIES, a civil-military education group. Upon graduation, Amal plans to work in a clinical healthcare placement, preferably in South/SouthEast Asia, and subsequently pursue a medical degree.

Saraphin Dhanani

Saraphin is a senior double majoring in Political Science and Economics. During her fall semester of junior year, Saraphin studied abroad in New York, Chile, Jordan, and Nepal through the International Honors Program on Human Rights, where she explored historical, social, and political contexts of human rights violations in each of the four countries. Her final comparative research paper analyzed the challenges of promoting democracy in societies with sectarian influences, and the role of mosques and churches in preserving the human rights of refugee populations. Saraphin has also spent her summers interning at the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Washington D.C., at the White House in the Office of the Vice President, and at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. On campus, Saraphin is one of two student representatives on President Bottomly's Commission on Equity, Race, and Ethnicity and has held leadership roles in Asian/Asian American organizations on campus. She is also involved in Wellesley's literary society, Society Zeta Alpha, and the Multifaith Council as the Ismaili Muslim Representative. She is passionate about the US's efforts in countering violent extremism, as well as the dialogue and diplomacy efforts between the United States and Muslim majority countries. She hopes to one day serve as an intermediary between the two worlds in a post 9/11 era.

Olivia Duggan

Olivia is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Health and Society. In the summer of 2015 she was a fellow for Wellesley’s Lumpkin Institute for Service Learning and interned at The Dimock Center, a community health center which provides comprehensive, holistic health and human services to underserved communities in Boston. At Dimock, she developed accessible health and wellness resources, helped organize and promote a 5k, and researched the community need for a potential satellite urgent care clinic. Olivia spent the summer of 2014 interning with Build Health International, a non-profit that works with Partners in Health and St. Boniface Haiti Foundation to build sustainable health infrastructure in developing countries. This experience inspired Olivia to found Wellesley’s chapter of Partners in Health Engage in the fall of 2014, a grassroots coalition of chapters committed to promoting global health equity. At Wellesley, Olivia is also a rower on the varsity crew team, representative on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and student assistant in the Sociology and Anthropology department. After graduation she hopes to work abroad before pursuing a joint J.D./M.P.H. degree.

Leila Elabbady

Leila Elabbady is a senior at Wellesley majoring in Neuroscience and hoping to bring her scientific background to the forefront of a career in international development. She spent the summer of 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland working and the Federal Institute of Technology at a learning and memory laboratory and is continuing her research with a professor at Wellesley. She interested in working in global health and education particularly in fostering the application of cutting edge science and technology to effectively aid development projects in under-served communities.

Ilhan Esse

Ilhan Esse is a senior double majoring in Biological Sciences and Spanish. Her interests lie in clinical research and community health. During the past two summers, Ilhan has interned both at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Roxbury Somali Development Center. At Dana-Farber, Ilhan worked to identify mutations in patient samples of lung adenocarcinoma in the hopes of creating better targeted cancer therapy treatments. During her time at the Somali Development Center, Ilhan worked closely with and mentored newly immigrated adolescent girls and women. On campus, Ilhan is a tutor for Stronger Communities Stronger Schools, a Wellesley run organization that partners with both Boston Public Schools and community organizations. She is also a member of the Wellesley African Student Association and Al-Muslimat. Upon graduation, Ilhan intends to continue her research at Dana-Farber and pursue a career in public health.

Sophie Gibert

Sophie is a senior majoring in Philosophy and an individual major called Biology and Society. She is particularly interested in the research that motivates policies targeting childhood obesity and is writing a senior thesis about the ethics and use of libertarian paternalism by the government to improve the eating habits of populations. Over the summer, she researched the impact of calorie menu labeling regulations on chain restaurants at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and this semester, she interns at ChildObesity180, an organization at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy that brings together public health scientists and business leaders to reverse the trend of obesity in children ages 5-19. She works on the restaurant initiative, helping to implement healthy kids menus and disseminate research to encourage similar approaches elsewhere. At Wellesley, Sophie is the President of the Tupelos a cappella group and Co President of Wellesley for Public Health. After graduating, she plans to continue doing public health research in a full-time position and hopes to be exposed to the strategies that other countries, especially those in Northern Europe, use to respond to the growing problem of obesity. Ultimately, she would like to obtain a PhD in health policy.

Hannah Harris

Hannah Harris is a senior majoring in astrophysics with a minor in Russian. This past summer, Hannah conducted research in the UK on black holes and presented a recent publication at the European Southern Observatory headquarters in Germany. Pursuing two fields at once, she conducts physics research in general and numeric relativity, and analyzes how public grassroots movements associated with government space missions may affect public policy and the field of astronomy. She is additionally passionate about video game studies and recently produced an educational game for preschoolers about space travel. On campus, Hannah is a member of the Shakespeare Society and competes on the equestrian team. Upon graduation, Hannah plans to continue her work in policy and media studies and further her education in physics.

Mackenzie Hempe

Mackenzie is a senior majoring in Peace and Justice, with a focus on Human Rights Advocacy, and is minoring in Africana Studies. In the summer of 2015, she interned at Organizção das Mulheres de Cabo Verde, in Praia, Cape Verde, where she worked on women’s empowerment and development projects. Her love of languages motivated her to begin learning Portuguese and Kriolu, the common tongue of the islands, while in Cape Verde. Upon returning to Wellesley, she was able to add Portuguese to her small but growing list, which includes Spanish and Swahili for now. On campus, Mackenzie serves as House President of Freeman Hall and is on the executive board of Habitat for Humanity. Due to her curiosity and desire to determine the best form of advocacy to work towards human development, she is open to pursuing a future in community organizing and empowerment, law, or international diplomacy. While she would be excited for her life to take her anywhere, her current preference would be to work in Eastern Africa, Lusophone Africa, or South America.

Isabelle Herde

Isabelle is a junior majoring in Geosciences with a minor in Anthropology. She has a particular interest with how people interact with the landscape and space around them. Isabelle plans to study abroad in New Zealand next semester and learn about hazard management and mitigation during her time there. On campus, Isabelle manages and operates the Science Center Stream Table, which conducts outreach and teaches the community about river processes. She is also a peer health educator and a leader in Model United Nations. Isabelle has a working knowledge of Russian. She hopes to one day mitigate and monitor natural disasters.

Jalena Keane-Lee

Jalena Keane-Lee is a junior at Wellesley College studying Political Science and Cinema and Media Studies. After a summer working for NBC News and a semester studying film in Prague, Jalena is excited to bring her experiences to international problem solving. Jalena is an avid reader, writer and storyteller. She Executive Produces Wellesley College TV, a satire news show and is on the Executive Board of SAAFE (Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone). Find out more about her here:

Tessa Kellner

Tessa is junior majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Classical Civilization. She is an archaeology enthusiast who participated in the University of Victoria’s excavation of ancient Eleon, Greece in 2014. In 2015, she worked as an intern at the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies where she archived glass negatives for Archnet, an online database for Islamic visual culture developed by MIT. She followed her summer in Tangier with a fall semester in Rabat, Morocco studying multiculturalism and human rights. On campus, she stays active in the Wellesley community as an RA and the editor-in-chief of The Wellesley Globalist. She incorporates her passion for oral history and storytelling into her studies by focusing on language in her respective majors. Tessa’s future plans include returning to work with an NGO in Morocco and pursuing law school.


Stephanie Kim

Stephanie is a junior majoring in Biochemistry. In the summer of 2015, she was an intern for the Newborn Medicine Summer Research Program at Boston Children’s Hospital researching at the Neonatal Newborn department. She is particularly interested in the effect of development of the cerebral cortex in neonatal brains and its malformations. On campus, Stephanie is a part of the Advocates for North Korean Human Rights (ANKHR) and Global Medical Brigade (GMB) student organizations. After graduation, she hopes to pursue an MD-MPH where she can focus on finding long-term solutions for reducing health care disparities for preventable diseases in developing countries.

Michelle Le

Nhung Le is a senior double majoring in Economics and Mathematics. Interested in economic development, Nhung works as a research assistant at Harvard University, investigating the divergence in economic prosperities between the North and South Vietnam. A driven explorer, Nhung have been to China, India, UK, and US to help enterprises solve their business problems using technology. In the summer 2014, Nhung worked as a business strategy intern at Abbott, India, where she built and implemented an Excel model to distribute sales target to more than 2,000 sales representatives fairly and transparently. To further explore the potential of technology in solving business problems, Nhung joined Ernst & Young in New York as a technology advisory intern. Nhung spent her junior spring in Cambridge University, UK, where she enjoyed hiding in a library, punting on the Cam River, and wandering in museums and old corners of seven European countries. After graduation, Nhung will work as a consultant, and further explore her interest in International Trade.


Shan Lee

Shan is a senior majoring in English and Economics. She is currently writing her English thesis on John Milton’s Paradise Lost; her project aims to link our current environmental crisis to its roots in the seventeenth century by exploring the literary and cultural attitudes towards ecological upheavals in Early Modern England as they appear in Milton’s poetry. During the summer of 2015, Shan interned at Fundación Poder Ciudadano in Argentina, where she composed reports on illicit financial flows, lobbying regulations, and the FIFA corruption scandal, which were used in global campaigns against corporate and political corruption. She also spent three weeks in Spain as part of Wellesley’s Wintersession in Barcelona program in January 2015. On campus, Shan is the Editor-in-Chief of GenerAsians Magazine, Wellesley’s only publication dedicated to providing a platform to discuss social, cultural, and political issues relevant to the Asian/Asian American community. She also assisted Prof. Koichi Hagimoto from the Spanish Department in the production of his forthcoming book about trans-pacific encounters and the diverse aspects of the relationship between Asia and Latin America. She has a professional proficiency in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Shan's goal upon graduation is to work in an international business setting before pursuing law school.

Vivien Lee

Vivien is a junior double-majoring in Economics and Psychology, and is particularly interested in social psychology and macroeconomic policies. She is also excited to take classes on behavioral economics this upcoming spring semester, as it incorporates aspects of both of her majors. She spent the summer of 2015 studying the Korean Economy and Law at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. At Wellesley, Vivien is a member of the Advocates for North Korean Human Rights and the Co-President of Wellesley Wushu, a performance martial arts organization in which she helped organize the first East Coast joint wushu practice with five universities in attendance. She speaks conversational Korean and has studied both Korean and Spanish at Wellesley. This summer, Vivien hopes to incorporate psychological perspectives in policy-making as an intern at an international organization.

Alice Liang

Alice Liang is a senior double-majoring in Economics and Political Science. A recipient of the Schiff Fellowship, she is writing a thesis on the impact of natural resources on political violence. In the summer of 2015, she worked on financial stability research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Last semester, she studied abroad at Sciences Po Paris, focusing on global markets and transatlantic relations. She has studied French at Wellesley and speaks Chinese natively. This year, she serves on the senior Class Council and as the managing editor of The Wellesley News. She is also a Case Fellow in the economics department, a teaching assistant, and a writing tutor on campus. Off campus, she has worked on multiple development economics research projects at MIT, currently with Esther Duflo at the Jameel Poverty Action Lab. After graduation, Alice will be returning to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as a research assistant and hopes to attend graduate school in the future.

Simone Liano

Simone is a junior studying Neuroscience, with a minor in Economics. She is excited about the growing overlap between business and social impact, and has previously completed a CWS Global Engagement internship at Social Accountability International, a New York City-based organization that promotes socially responsible business practices. At Wellesley, Simone is Co-President of Wellesley Women in Business, and also serves as a First-Year Mentor. She is also passionate about sustainability, and is working on a cross-campus project with Babson students to evaluate a sustainable raw material. Simone’s next goal is to find an internship that combines her interest in business with sustainability or social impact, potentially in Europe or a Spanish-speaking country.

Lilian Ma

Lilian is a junior double-majoring in Computer Science and Economics. She is currently continuing her previous summer’s research with Professor Seth Neumuller as a Case Fellow, using empirical analysis to study the determination of credit spread on unsecured consumer loans. Lilian was born in Glasgow, United Kingdom but calls Hong Kong home. Having created a web app that tracks the user’s carbon emissions, she hopes to intern this summer in an environment where she can bridge her two majors and provide innovative solutions using technology.


Kat Mallary

Kat is a junior double majoring in Political Science and American Studies. During the summer of 2015, Kat worked with the Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights, doing research on the gendered impacts of World Bank policy and editing materials for the Women, Peace, and Security Working Group at the United Nations. Kat attended the International Criminal Court’s Assembly of States Parties in 2014 as a Student Delegate for the Council for Students in International Negotiations (CASIN), providing analysis and reporting live as six Judges were elected to the Court. Prior, Kat studied abroad in the Netherlands, attending Leiden University and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies in The Hague. While at Wellesley, Kat has served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Wellesley News, is an assistant in the College’s department of Communications and Public Affairs, and competes as a member of the Wellesley Equestrian Team. Kat’s goal, following the Institute, is to complete an internship and senior honors thesis exploring the gendered effects of international development policy.

Cathleen McGovern

Cathleen is a senior music major at Wellesley, focusing on ethnomusicology and how music permeates communities. Originally accepted into the Albright Institute last year, Cathleen spent Spring 2015 abroad at the University of Edinburgh studying traditional Gaelic song and Wagner while also exploring around Europe for the first time. The following summer she worked with the ONE Campaign for her Albright internship. ONE is a nonprofit organization focused on the eradication of poverty, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. As a digital intern, she worked closely with the nearly seven-million-strong organization and involved herself in many aspects of developing their online presence. Check out content from this summer here. On campus, Cathleen is the musical director of the Wellesley Widows, a member of the co-op Cafe Hoop, a teammate on the rugby team, and the House President of Munger Hall.

Brianne O'Donoghue 

Brianne is a junior majoring in Peace & Justice Studies with a minor in English. She plans to concentrate in reconciliation studies and restorative justice, but is also passionate about achieving social justice through education. She spent the summer of 2015 in Dorchester developing curriculum with an emphasis on peacebuilding, and teaching a class of underserved seven-year-olds through Harvard’s Summer Urban Program. During the academic semester she is an active counselor with the Mission Hill After School Program, which allows her to mentor elementary-aged girls from the Alice Taylor housing projects in Mission Hill. In addition to MHASP, she is a member of Society Alpha Kappa Chi and Christian fellowships at both Wellesley and Harvard. Heavily influenced by her bicultural background, Brianne is fluent in Spanish and passionate about global affairs. She is particularly interested in the Rwandan genocide and has presented research on the possibility of forgiveness and restoration following mass trauma, and will spend the spring semester of 2016 abroad in Kigali, Rwanda studying post-genocide restoration and peacebuilding. After Wellesley she hopes to attend graduate school to advance her knowledge of peace and justice and, ultimately, pursue a career where she can empower people to create meaningful social change.

Elizabeth Olson

Elizabeth is a senior double-majoring in Neuroscience and French. She is currently conducting research at Wellesley on the neural mechanisms underlying speech acquisition in second language learners. Elizabeth spent her spring semester last year in Aix-en-Provence, France studying brain development, health politics and socialized medicine in her second language, French. In addition to her studies, Elizabeth contributed to a clinical research project on drug-resistant epilepsy in Marseille, which prompted her to think more critically about international health care delivery and comparative health care systems. In the summer of 2015, Elizabeth traveled to the Philippines to study community health advocacy programs with Roots of Health, a nonprofit organization that aims to provide women and youth in Palawan with sexual, maternal, and reproductive health education and services. At Wellesley, she works as a service programs intern at the Center for Work and Service and sings with the Tupelos acapella group. Following graduation, Elizabeth hopes to develop her skills in community-based research and health metrics and evaluation before continuing on to medical school.

Lucia Ortega

Lucia is a junior double majoring in Chemistry and Spanish. She is passionate about social health and public education. At Wellesley, she conducts biochemistry research in Professor Nunez's lab. She works in the Wellesley College Science Center Stockroom. She is also part of Mezcla, the largest Latina organization on campus, and serves as an executive board member. For the past two summers she has conducted scientific research at Wellesley College and interned as a student teacher for CDF Freedom Schools, a literacy summer program. This upcoming summer she is interested in continuing scientific research abroad or interning in an organization that focuses on educational justice.

Rose Owen

Rose is a senior majoring in Political Science with concentrations in American politics and political theory. Her thesis is a cross-methodological comparison of how theoretical, literary, and quantitative work construct feminist consciousness and identity. Over the summer, Rose researched with Political Science Professor Marion Just, compiling literature reviews, performing data analysis, and ultimately publishing a book chapter that explores the differences in US senate candidates’ twitter use based on gender, party, and competitive position. At Wellesley, Rose works as a statistical consultant, research assistant, and writing tutor. She hopes to spend next summer in a research analyst position that focuses on gender equality, so she can further develop both quantitative and qualitative research skills before entering a Political Science PhD program in the fall.


Savitri Restrepo Alvarez

Savitri is a senior majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Political Science, and minoring in Chinese Language and Literature. She is highly interested in the field of socio-economic development, particularly regarding women’s empowerment and labor rights in East Asia and Latin America. She is currently pursuing an Honors Thesis focused on Colombia’s armed conflict and female ex-guerrillas’ reintegration into society. Last summer, Savitri interned at the Clinton Foundation in New York, where she worked specifically at the Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership. This is an initiative dedicated to the creation and replication of social enterprises in emerging markets. At Wellesley, Savitri works as a student assistant in the Spanish department. She is also the president for the International Relations Council, and an active member of Slater International. After attending United World College in Hong Kong, Savitri would like to return to China to further her studies in Mandarin, and eventually become an international human rights lawyer.

Gloria Sanchez

Gloria is a junior majoring in Political Science, with a concentration in Political Theory. She spent the fall semester of her junior year studying abroad in Córdoba, Spain. At Wellesley, Gloria has served on the executive board of MEZCLA, the largest Latin@ organization on campus. She also volunteers with Stronger Communities, Stronger Schools, through which she tutors students from Boston’s underprivileged public schools, and works in the Political Science Department office performing administrative tasks. She is fluent in Spanish. This summer, Gloria hopes to intern in Latin America with a non-profit organization focused on human rights or education. In the future, she hopes to attend law school and work on immigration policy in the United States.

Rebecca Selch

Rebecca is a junior double majoring in Sociology and Art History.  Thanks to CWS's Global Engagement program, she pursued her interest in cultural institutions at the Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico during the summer of 2015.  She is particularly interested in how cultural institutions act as sites of public diplomacy, and spent her sophomore year researching the Asia Society, a global cultural institution headquartered in New York City, to investigate how they conduct public diplomacy to map the world.  On campus, she is the President of the a cappella ensemble, the Wellesley Widows, and works as a research assistant in the Sociology department.  In the future, Rebecca hopes to intern at an arts organization that engages underrepresented and excluded audiences from cultural institutions and promotes the reevaluation of the Euro-American canon. 

Sanam Shetty

Sanam is a Junior majoring in International Relations-Economics and minoring in East Asian Studies. In the summer of 2015, she interned at Social Accountability International where she worked on projects relating to social auditing and accreditation in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. Sanam is proficient in Mandarin. She spent the fall of her Junior year in Shanghai, China. While abroad, in addition to language and area studies courses, Sanam also worked as an intern at Intralink, a business strategy and development firm focused on navigating Asian markets, and at the Albright Stonebridge Group in Shanghai. Going foreword, Sanam hopes to pursue work that involves U.S.-Asia commercial diplomacy and also tackles issues of sustainable growth that affect both regions.

Sophia Sokolowski

Sophia Sokolowski is a senior majoring in biological sciences and minoring in psychology. She has focused on acquiring scientific knowledge that underlies problems affecting both marine and land environments and human psychology and health. She spent her junior year abroad, sailing aboard a Woods Hole scientific research vessel and collecting data involving the accumulation of microplastics in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. In addition, she conducted fish acoustics research at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and studied German and psychology in Berlin. Sophia has a passion for music, having performed with Opera Tampa under the direction of Maestro Anton Coppola for seven years. She plans to continue pursuing music along with her diplomatic and scientific endeavors upon graduating from Wellesley. She believes that the conservation of sustainable environments must be a universal priority. Sophia hopes to enhance communities’ prospects by enabling access to education, since education fosters critical thinking, which is essential for the survival of humanity.

Cali Stenson

Cali is a junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in math. In her first and sophomore year she completed research projects on data privacy in the fitbit platform, and user statistics from MIT App Inventor projects. In the summer of 2015, Cali worked as an intern for Google in Cambridge, MA where she built a visual debugger tool for the online programming environment Pencil Code. Cali spent the fall semester of her junior year studying computer science and math at Aquincum Institute of Technology in Budapest, Hungary. At Wellesley, Cali plays frisbee with the Wellesley Whiptails, and participates in the Protestant Community. Cali’s goal for next summer is to continue working to build and improve education technologies in the world.


Sartu Taha

Sartu Taha is a senior double majoring in Spanish and Biology. She is passionate about working with under-served communities to better understand and address health concerns stemming from an unequal distribution of social, economic, and environmental resources. For the past two summers, Sartu worked as an intern at clinics in Cape Town, South Africa and Cuzco, Peru. She gained clinical experience and was able to shadow doctors and nurses and assist with patient check ups.


Bhavana Vadrevu

Bhavana is a junior majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Health and Society. She is interested in understanding mental illness and wellness in the context of society and its modern technological advancements. In the summer of 2014, Bhavana worked in at Prince Laboratories at Stanford University working on epilepsy research and immunology techniques in mouse models. On campus, Bhavana is a tutor for Neuroscience 100 and 200 level courses, a member of the on campus cooperative cafe El Table, a member of the Wellesley Association for South Asian Culture, a mental health educator, and a volunteer at the Child Study Center. Additionally, she volunteered in the Women’s Imaging Unit and GI Unit at the Newton Wellesley Hospital throughout her sophomore year. She is fluent in Telugu and has a working knowledge of Spanish. After graduation, Bhavana hopes to continue on to medical school while continuing to critically analyze society’s understanding of health and how existing structures may be improved by integration of modern technology.

Sierra Weingartner

Sierra is a junior majoring in biology with an emphasis in pre-medical sciences. Over the summer of 2015, Sierra worked as a counselor at Camp Stand By Me, an overnight summer camp for individuals with severe mental and physical disabilities. Her role at camp included performing personal care tasks and managing the behavioral needs of her campers. In Boston, Sierra researches through the MIT Global Health and Medical Humanities Initiative on a project that follows the ongoing global eradication of the Guinea Worm. She is also a member of Alpha Phi Sigma Lecture Society and an avid learner of the Spanish language. In the future, Sierra hopes to a pursue in pediatric medicine, with an emphasis in global public health.

Carine Wete

Carine I. Wete is a senior majoring in Economics at Wellesley. She worked at the Massachusetts Division of Banks this past summer 2015 as Regulatory Compliance and License Examiner intern. Carine had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador and interned with a local nonprofit (ASAPROSAR) this past January 2015 to implement a sanitation project with a team of MIT engineers as part of a Development-Lab initiative. While in El Salvador she redesigned and built two compost toilets in the rural community of Santa Ana. Carine was awarded a Global Engagement/Anchor Point Fellowship in the summer 2013 to intern at the Organizaçoes das Mulheres do Cabo Verde in Fogo to research various women’s issues such as domestic violence, and also research the use of microfinance fundings and entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty. This internship inspired Carine to become a Peer Health Educator to provide a different perspective on women’s health issues on campus. Additionally, Carine is also actively involved with the Wellesley African Students Association (WASA) and the Multi-Faith Council on campus. For the past two and a half years Carine worked as the Student Coordinator for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program initiative at Wellesley. Carine has a multicultural background and has an understanding of six languages.

Amy Wickett

Amy Wickett is a senior Economics major and a Math minor. She worked at The Hamilton Project of The Brookings Institution in the summer of 2015, researching economic public policy. She is the recipient of a Schiff Fellowship for her thesis that analyzes the labor market implications of incarceration. She continues to work on domestic public policy issues as a Case Fellow for Professor Levine in the economics department, where she also serves as a teaching assistant. This past semester, Amy studied abroad at The University of Cambridge, focusing on economic development and completing a dissertation in economic history. On campus, she is a member of Class Council and the Multi-Faith Council. After graduation, Amy will be a research assistant in the Industrial Relations Section at Princeton, with the eventual goal of attending graduate school.

Hanae Yaskawa

Hanae is a junior majoring in Physics and Italian Studies. She is spending this academic year in Italy where she is taking courses on Dante’s Commedia, Italian theater, and medieval art history at the University of Bologna. Hanae is a native speaker of English and Japanese, and is fluent in Italian. At Wellesley she served as a part of Japan Club’s eBoard to promote and strengthen the community of students interested in Japanese culture. This past summer, she spent two months in Japan to reconnect with her family’s roots and explore Japanese culture more in depth. While in Japan, she worked as a waitress in a café in Tokyo, using her language skills to facilitate communication between Japanese employees and foreign customers. Hanae’s main academic interest is Physics. She worked as a tutor for the Physics help-room, and in the summer of 2014, she researched diamond crystals as efficient alternatives to store data. Next summer she would like to combine her knowledge of Japanese and Italian language and culture with her passion for Physics by conducting research on the accessibility to scientific education for women in Japan and Italy.


Claudia Yau

Claudia is a senior majoring in philosophy, with a focus on the philosophy of language and ancient Greek philosophy. With support from the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, she has conducted research in the metaphysics of race and is studying free speech issues surrounding violent pornography. Her senior thesis provides an account of self-love, especially as it relates to friendship, in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and Eudemian Ethics. Last summer, Claudia participated in the Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers, which trains future educators in pedagogy and critical theory. In addition to informing her work as a coordinator and tutor for Wellesley’s public speaking program and debate mentor, her passion for teaching and research has led her to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy. Claudia is committed to expanding access to safe education and combating violence against women and people of color.