Alexandra Saueressig ’19

Alexandra Saueressig
Alexandra is a senior majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science, with a particular interest in rural identity and politics.

She spent the summer of 2018 in Jordan interning as a grant writer at Collateral Repair Project, a grassroots NGO that provides basic-needs support and psychosocial trauma relief services to a community of primarily Syrian, Iraqi, and Sudanese refugees living in Amman. This experience allowed her to continue exploring how displacement and the removal of traditional economic structures affect community identity, topics she has also investigated in relation to rural America. At Wellesley, Alexandra is a Resident Assistant and loves building community and identity in both the residence halls and in Al-Muslimat, her two homes on campus. She has a working knowledge of Arabic and German. Following graduation, she hopes to pursue a law degree in order to become a more effective advocate for the people, places, and resources of the rural communities she calls home.