Alexis Crayton ’17
Albright Fellow 2017

Alexis Crayton
Alexis is a senior who, in addition to her Chinese Language and Cultures major, is a Biology Major on the pre-medicine track.

Alexis has conducted research under professor John Goss in the Biology department for three years and is currently a candidate for an honors thesis. She is very passionate about her research. The components of her research involve using fission yeast to study highly conserved mechanisms in the cell such as cytokinesis and cell division. As a Pre-Medical student and mentor, she also serves as the president of Wellesley college’s Minority Association for Pre-Medical Students (MAPS). The goal of MAPS is to provide a resource for minority students who wish to pursue a career in healthcare. For her Chinese major, in addition to taking classes on the language in the US and abroad, she has conducted research in the Chinese department on how novels like The Journey to the West have shaped the ideologies of people living in modern day China. In the future, as a medical doctor Alexis plans to serve as conduit for the minorities and Chinese people in the US, with the hope of using her skillset to help make a positive impact on the health and the lives of her patients.