Aminah Praileau ’21

Aminah Praileau
Aminah is a junior double majoring in Sociology and Education Studies.

She has a particular interest in the intersectional narratives of marginalized students as they navigate elite institutions of higher education; she is currently conducting emancipatory fieldwork research focusing on the work educators do to bridge the college access gap for students coming from underrepresented and underprivileged backgrounds. As a fellow through the Lumpkin Institute for Service Learning, Aminah spent the summer of 2019 as an Education Services Intern at the Irish International Immigrant Center, working to support the education, community engagement, legal aid, and mental health of the vibrant immigrant population in Boston. On campus, she can be found harmonizing with the MIT-Wellesley Toons, cultivating community as a resident assistant in Stone-Davis Hall, or connecting with prospective students as a Diversity Intern and Student Assistant in the Office of Admission. Moving forward, Aminah hopes to continue the conversation about what true equity of access looks like in diverse educational spaces through non-profit work or ethnographic research.