Angelina Zhang ’22

Angelina Zhang
Angelina is a junior majoring in Chemistry and Political Science.

She is currently doing pancreatic cancer research in the DCM lab at Wellesley, and will be abroad at Oxford next spring, studying both her majors. In the summer of 2020, she spent her time doing research on resources for visually impaired students learning basic school mathematics in Ghana, and also volunteered as a coach for Wunderbolt, a MIT Media Lab remote summer camp for children ages 8-12. The summer before that, she interned for The Exploratory, a STEM Education NGO based in Ghana where she worked with teachers and students on developing and testing science curricula and experiments. On campus, Angelina works as a peer tutor in Chem Café, is the president of STEMKit, a Wellesley Center for Women project, and volunteers with Mission Hill After School program. She is currently uncertain in what she wants to do post-graduation yet but is strongly considering applying to graduate school in one of her majors.