Annie Gomez ’22

Annie Gomez
Annie is a junior majoring in Physics and Latin American Studies.

She is working as a researcher in a Solar lab helping to perfect perovskite solar cells in an effort to push the future in renewable technology forward. In the summer of 2020, Annie continued her work as a researcher at Professor Belisle’s Solar Cell lab, where she analyzed data on collected samples to advance her lab's work in uncovering why malfunctions occur in a perovskite solar cell and on how to improve their efficiency. In addition, Annie has spent the last 6 years refining both her Spanish and French allowing her to volunteer as an interpreter to help uplift Latinx and immigrants in her local community in Hyattsville, Maryland. On campus, Annie works as a leader teaching nearby high school students how to code and hopes to form part of a new immigrant and international student advocacy group. Annie’s goal upon graduation is to work abroad for a year on making renewable technology accessible to underfunded communities, preferably in South America or West Africa, before returning to school to get a PhD in materials engineering.