Ciaran Gallagher ’17
Albright Fellow 2017

Ciaran Gallagher
Ciaran is a senior who created an interdisciplinary individual major of Environmental Chemistry with a minor in Religion.

Ciaran is merging her interests in the fall semester by undertaking an independent study that investigates how environmental activists draw from sacred texts and traditions. In the summer of 2016 Ciaran was a NOAA Hollings Scholar and conducted research on organic pollutant contamination in Puget Sound, WA. Ciaran’s internship at the Center of Sustainable Energy the previous summer resulted in the publication of report on natural gas as a bridge fuel with her as a contributing author.

On campus Ciaran works in a transdisciplinary and collaborative geochemical research lab that investigates how to mitigate lead contamination in urban settings, particularly in an urban farming and harvesting context. Ciaran and her team presented their findings at the National Geosciences Society of America Conference in the fall of 2015. The lab strongly considers the human health and environmental justice implications of their work, not just the scientific research. As lab manager, Ciaran also assists in the creation of collaborative and educational space for underclasswomen. She is also a three-time student leader, currently in the role of First-Year-Mentor Supervisor. After graduation, Ciaran aspires to shape urban environmental policies guided by her interdisciplinary and chemical knowledge.