Daniela Kreimerman ’19
Albright Fellow 2018

Daniela Kreimerman
Daniela is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Chinese Language and Culture, with an interest in grassroots organizing and political theory.

During summer 2017, Daniela worked with the non-profit organization Poder Ciudadano in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where they supported efforts to keep the Argentinian government transparent and accountable, in a way to enables collective action. On campus, Daniela works with the Student Labor Action Project to ensure good working conditions for workers on campus, and with the Community Organizing Resource Educators to enable organizing efforts on and off campus. They are looking forward to spending the Spring 2018 semester in Hangzhou, China improving their working Mandarin skills, and want to find an internship in China or Taiwan for Summer 2018, where they can ideally work to empower communities for collective action.