Farida Virani ’18
Albright Fellow 2017

Farida Virani
Farida is a junior majoring in Computer Science. She is an international student from India.

During the fall semester of her junior year, Farida studied abroad at Aquincum Institute of Technology in Budapest, Hungary. At Wellesley, Farida has been a part of Let’s Get Ready, an organization focused on providing free SAT and college applications help to high school students from low-income families. Coming from a low-income, first generation background herself, she is very invested in helping other students from a similar background realize that they can achieve their dream of going to a great college. She speaks Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu, and some French and Hungarian. Being a multilingual person whose parents speak little to no English, and spending time as a non-Hungarian-speaking individual in Budapest and a part-time tourist in Europe, she has spent a lot of time observing the effects of a language barrier on people’s lives and one of her long term goals is to try to find a solution where diversity of languages doesn’t restrict learning but promotes it. She is very passionate about educational justice and hopes to use the amazing reach and capability of technology to get a little closer to making online education not just a perk for the English-speaking population of the Western world but a reality for people all over the world.