Fatima Aslam ’22

Fatima Aslam
Fatima is a junior majoring in Economics and Art History.

Her coursework involves ethics, philosophy, and South Asian sociopolitical landscape, interested in understanding the intersectionality of economic theory as it plays in developing ethical and political spectrum in South Asia and the Middle East. She spent the summer of 2020 working as an investment banking summer analyst. During her sophomore summer, Fatima lived in Rabat, Morocco, assisting an NGO in providing informational technology skills and English-language skills to refugees and low-income families. At Wellesley College, Fatima devotes her time to working as a Curatorial Research Assistant at the Davis Museum and communications chair for the Wellesley Investment Society. Fatima speaks Urdu, English and Punjabi and has a working understanding of French and Ancient Greek. After graduation, she would like to apply her interdisciplinary understanding to work in Finance and advise companies to ensure organic and inorganic growth.