Hollis Rammer ’20

Hollis Rammer
Hollis is a junior majoring in Political Science and Russian.

She is particularly interested in gender equality in post-communist states. In the summer of 2018, Hollis worked at the Carnegie Moscow Center in Moscow, Russia, where she strengthened her Russian and contributed to the Center’s publications and digital content. Next semester, Hollis will be studying abroad at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. On campus, she is the president of the International Relations Council and has been involved in College Government, House Council, and Civic Engagement. Off campus, Hollis has volunteered for the League of Women Voters and for various local and state-level progressive political campaigns, both in Massachusetts and in her home state of Wisconsin. Hollis’s goal upon graduation is to work at an NGO that promotes women’s rights in Eastern Europe, and to eventually attend law school.