Kim Asenbeck ’17
Albright Fellow 2016

Kim Asenbeck
Kim Asenbeck is a junior double majoring in Computer Science and Economics.

In the summer of 2015, Kim worked as an intern in Budapest at a think tank focused on prioritizing development investments through cost-benefit analysis. Kim comes from a multicultural background - her father is from Germany, her mother is Brazilian, and she grew up in Bavaria before moving to the United States at age seven. Kim speaks German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic. Before coming to Wellesley, Kim spent a year living in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil where she worked as an apprentice at a local NGO and served as a Global Citizen Year fellow. After graduation, Kim intends to enter the tech industry. She aspires to leverage her interdisciplinary skill-set to develop data-driven solutions to poverty alleviation and economic development, and to create technology with a social impact.