Manize Rahman ’19
Albright Fellow 2018

Manize Rahman
Manize is a junior from Bangladesh and Singapore majoring in International Relations-Economics.

At Wellesley, Manize is on the board of Slater International and is also involved with College Government- on the Student Organizations and Appointments Committee and Community Action Network to work on issues related to inclusion on campus. In the summer of 2017, she worked with UN Women in New York City. Over prior summers, she has worked with the Chief Economist at the Central Bank of Bangladesh, at a branch of the Teach for All network, and with Grameen Bank to write a research paper on the extent to which microfinance aids poverty alleviation and the economic empowerment of women in rural Bangladesh. Manize is fluent in Bengali and has a working knowledge of spoken Hindi and Spanish. After junior year, Manize hopes to intern at an international organization to develop research skills and focus on development issues in South Asia. Upon graduation, she wishes to continue to work in that field.