Megumi Murakami ’20

Megumi Murakami
Megumi is a junior majoring in political science with an concentration in East Asian politics and minor in economics.

Her areas of research interest include East Asian relations and security, Japanese Politics, Chinese economic policy, Nationalism and Identity politics, and Women and Gender politics. During the 2018-19 academic year, Megumi works as a research assistant to Professor Katharine H.S. Moon. In summer 2018, she participated in the Williams College American Foreign Policy Institute and worked with a team of individuals to present policy options for the U.S. – North Korean Nuclear Crisis to former government officials and policy experts. Megumi is a former cabinet member on College Government and currently provides the student-perspective on College administration committees. As a person of both Chinese and Japanese decent, she has working proficiency in Japanese and looks forward to formally studying Cantonese. Following graduation, Megumi’s professional goal is to enter public service on U.S. – East Asian policy, specifically in U.S., China, and Japan relations.