Melina Rowin ’23

Melina Rowin
Melina is a junior majoring in International Relations-Political Science.

Their academic interests lie in violence against civilians in times of unrest, immigration, and education policy, and they specialize in the Middle East and North Africa. In the summer of 2021, Melina worked as an intern at the Tangier American Legation Institute for Moroccan Studies, where they worked intimately with glass negatives dating back to the early 1900s in order to curate a collection of photos that will tour English language centers in Morocco in spring 2022. During the school year, Melina spends their time teaching public speaking and writing to children at a nearby independent school and volunteering for a college admissions advisement organization. They also work as an RA in their beloved residence hall, Tower. Melina is a native English speaker with a working knowledge of Arabic, and they are excited to learn more languages as they advance through their career. After graduation, they hope to attend law school, where they will specialize in international or human rights law.