Sanjana Kothary ’21

Sanjana Kothary
Sanjana is a junior majoring in Psychology and South Asian Studies.

Sanjana’s coursework includes classes in personality, developmental and abnormal psychology, as well as in the political economy, modern history, and narrative traditions of South Asia. In 2019, Sanjana received the Zimmerman Summer Fellowship in Psychology to conduct an independent study of the construction and maintenance of communal identities in Mumbai, India. On campus, Sanjana works as a Hindi-Urdu tutor for the South Asian Studies Program, a research assistant to developmental psychologist Dr. Tracy Gleason, and a student teacher at the Child Study Center. Sanjana is also co-president of the Psychology Club and a copy editor with The Wellesley Globalist. Sanjana is a native speaker of Hindi and Urdu, and has a working knowledge of French. Sanjana is interested in the study of traumatic stress disorders in young children, and hopes to investigate the relationship between sociopolitical identity and childhood trauma in the Indian context.