Udita Bajaj ’22

Udita Bajaj
Udita Bajaj is a junior majoring in Data Science with a concentration in Political Science and minoring in English.

Udita’s coursework includes classes in politics of Russia and Eurasia, research methods in Political Science, and Applied Data Analysis, as well as Milton, Shakespeare, and intersections of philosophy and literature. Most recently, Udita was a key coordinator in Covid-19 distribution drives in her community over the summer. Previously, Udita has worked at Young Leaders for Active Citizenship (YLAC), India, where she developed Oxfam toolkits for high schoolers across India focusing on issues of Gender Equality, Racial bias, and Sustainability. This year, she is a Ministrare Fellow as well as a Presidential Scholar at Wellesley, roles through which she aims to merge diverse perspectives with her knowledge of Data Science and Political Science and make a positive impact in the broader community. She is also a member of the Equestrian Team and has previously served as the Prose Editor for the Wellesley Review. Udita is a native speaker of Hindi and has a working knowledge of French. Moving forward, Udita would like to explore the intersections of Data Science, English, and Political science in research and hopes to work in an international organization.