Vanessa Li ’22

Vanessa Li
Vanessa is a junior from Nagoya, Japan and Shanghai, China majoring in Chemistry and Sociology.

She is passionate about creating innovations to increase healthcare access and advance medical care for a more equitable world. In the summer of 2020, Vanessa worked on Innovating Environmental Health in Nepal, an organization she founded, to provide clean air for Nepali children. Her interest in the intersection of global health and biomedical engineering has led her to the MIT Little Devices where she will be building affordable and modular DIY health technology to lower the biofabrication barrier for the Fall of 2020. On campus, Vanessa can be found expressing herself through dance with the Wellesley College Dancers, creating music on the violin with Wellesley Chamber Music Society, and cultivating an engineering ecosystem as the President of Wellesley Engineering Society. Moving forward, Vanessa hopes to learn, research, and design through a human-centered lens to create healthcare innovations with different communities around the world.