Ye Rin Chu ’18
Albright Fellow 2018

Ye Rin Chu
Ye Rin is a senior at Wellesley College majoring in Economics, with an interest in inter-Korea economic cooperation and cultural exchange

Returning back to campus from living off of one suitcase for 8 months in 8 countries and 28 cities for work, research, and academics, Ye Rin is passionate about and engaged in reunifying Korea’s divided nation. Working in Mumbai to provide corporate-financed gastrointestinal diagnostics services to potential patients Pan-India; investigating supply chains of food in San Francisco, Tanzania, India, and Italy; diving into a real estate share-housing start up in Seoul to come up with a business plan to solve urban space usage problems; and meeting (international) state leaders relevant to North Korean crisis, Ye Rin has been constantly engaged in enterprising environments. She is looking to build leadership capacity to consolidate national and international consensus and is interested in going to Beijing after graduation to understand the influence of Chinese policies and culture on the Korean peninsula. This summer, Ye Rin hopes to be in Ho Chi Minh City to observe how northern-Vietnam-led unification has shaped the southern Vietnam.