Yusra Suliman ’23

Yusra Suliman
Yusra is a junior majoring in Cognitive and Linguistics Sciences with a concentration in linguistics.

In January 2020, Yusra participated in a Global Medical Brigades trip to Panama, where she and her peers worked alongside local communities and staff to implement sustainable health systems in underprivileged areas. This experience reinforced her interests in public health and healthcare justice. During the summer, Yusra also worked in Professor Jennie Pyers’ Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Development, researching Theory of Mind development in children. She also works as a Student Assistant in the Office of Admission, and serves as a counselor for the Mission Hill Afterschool Program. On campus, she is co-president of Wellesley Al-Muslimat, and a member of Blue Notes and the Wellesley College Choir. Yusra is fluent in Arabic and Spanish, with an intermediate command of French. In the future, Yusra hopes to become a doctor in the global sphere, working to provide those in under-resourced and impoverished areas of the world with the medical attention they deserve.