2013 Recipients

2013 Alumnae Achievement Awards

Callie Crossley ’73
Journalist, Producer, Commentator
Diana Farmer ’77
Pediatric-Fetal Surgeon, Teacher, Mentor
Callie Crossley ’73 is the award-winning journalist who produced the Oscar-nominated hour of the documentary series, “Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years 1954-1965,” a longtime producer for ABC’s “20/20,” and the host of “The Callie Crossley Show” and “Boston Public Radio” on Boston’s WGBH-FM. Crossley’s work has won many major broadcasting and journalism awards, including a national Emmy, a Peabody, a Christopher, an Edward R. Murrow, and the Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia award.
  Diana Farmer ’77 is the world’s first female fetal surgeon.  She has made important contributions to the fields of fetal and neonatal surgery, with expertise in the surgical repair of life-threatening congenital anomalies. Recently, she led a landmark study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of fetal surgery to treat spina bifida, and is researching stem cell therapy for the repair of damaged neural tissue in spina bifida patients.
Barbara Lubin Goldsmith ’53
Author, Preservationist, Philanthropist
Marilyn Koenick Yalom ’54
Feminist Scholar, Cultural Historian
Barbara Lubin Goldsmith ’53 is an author, social historian, activist, and philanthropist. For over 40 years, she has researched, written articles, published books, influenced legislation, and promoted worldwide freedom through her establishment of the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award to support persecuted writers around the globe.
  Marilyn Koenick Yalom ’54 is a feminist scholar, cultural historian, and writer. Yalom is credited as being an early challenger of the traditional notions of family.  She is widely respected and praised as a stalwart contributor of feminist scholarship. From 1976 to 1987, she served as deputy director of Stanford University’s newly created Center for Research on Women, later renamed The Clayman Institute for Gender Research.  She is currently a senior scholar at The Clayman Institute.