Judith Perlman Martin '59

Alumnae Achievement Awards 2007

Judith Perlman Martin ’59
Author, Miss Manners

Judith Perlman Martin ’59 is best known as the nationally syndicated columnist, Miss Manners.

Ms. Martin began her career with the Washington Post, where she started working the day after she graduated from Wellesley. While at the Washington Post, Ms. Martin progressed from copy kid to social reporter (covering the White House and diplomatic beat) to features writer for the Style section to drama and film critic, all of this in a time when women journalists were the exception and not the rule. Ms. Martin began writing weekly Miss Manners essays for the Washington Post until 1978 when the column became nationally syndicated. She has written 14 books on civility as Miss Manners.

Etiquette, Ms. Martin believes, goes far beyond which fork to select when eating one’s salad. Rather, it upholds standards of behavior – standards she believes are crucial to the welfare and future of civilization. Her commentary on modern society and the way we interact is central to maintaining an environment where people feel respected, welcome, and confident. Ms. Martin’s wit and sense of humor as she delivers this commentary have endeared her to millions of readers and made “Miss Manners” a household name.

Mrs. Martin's newest book, "No Vulgar Hotel: The Desire and Pursuit of Venice" is due out in February 2007.


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