Judith Goslin Hall '61

Alumnae Achievement Awards 2004

Judith Goslin Hall '61

Clinical Geneticist

Order of Canada

judith goslin hall '61

Judith Goslin Hall '61 is a renowned pediatrician and clinical geneticist. She is currently a Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Hall also served for ten years as department chair of Pediatrics at the university and served two 5 year terms as Chair of the Children's Hospital in Vancouver. Dr. Judith Hall is regarded as a world leader in research on numerous children's afflictions. She has made critical discoveries on many new syndromes including dysmorphology and is regarded as an expert in congenital adult disorders.

Hall is an inspiration to many young women in medicine and is committed to their advancement in this field. She has received wide recognition for her accomplishments, receiving the Colonel Sanders March of Dimes Award for lifetime achievement in clinical genetics in 1994 and was also elected to the Order of Canada, one of the highest awards given by the Canadian government. Dr. Hall has published over 250 original articles, 60 chapters and 5 books during her career and received the Association for American Publishers award for best medical book published in 1993 for a text which she co-edited on human malformations. She is also the founding editor of the American Journal of Medical Genetics and Growth, Genetics and Hormones.

Dr. Judith Hall is an active participant in various non profit-groups, such as the Little People of America and the Medical Research Counsel of Canada and Canadian Institutes of Health Research. She also dedicates a large portion of her time serving on multiple boards including: Children’s Miracle Network, Board of Genome Canada, and is the founder of the American Board of Medical Genetics. She acted as President of the American Society of Human Genetics in 1995, became the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Health in Canada in 2001 and acted as the President of the American Pediatric Society in 2002. Dr. Hall also received the prestigious Ross Award from the Canadian Pediatric Society in 2002 in recognition of her achievements in the field of pediatric research, education, child healthcare, and child advocacy.


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