Luella Gross Goldberg '58

Alumnae Achievement Awards 2002

Luella Gross Goldberg ’58
Corporate and Civic Leader

Board of Directors, ING Group
Life Director, Minnesota Orchestral Assoc.
Board Member, several Universities

Governor's Leadership Award, MN


Luella Gross Goldberg ’58 has led a distinguished and pioneering career as a corporate director and civic leader. She was named the first American to the Board of Directors of the ING Group, the tenth largest publicly traded company worldwide. Luella's service as a corporate director began in 1976, when she became the first female director of insurance giant Northwestern National Life Insurance Co. (now ReliaStar Financial Corp.). An expert in corporate governance, finance, and public affairs, Luella is a respected entity in the world of corporate leadership, and other major corporations including TCF Financial Corporation, Communications Systems, Inc., Hormel Foods Corporation, and Piper Funds, tapped her for their boards, from the mid-1980s through the present.

Luella's accomplishments in the business world are mirrored by her devoted civic service. She is a life director of the Minnesota Orchestral Association and has served on the boards of Wellesley College (where she was acting president in 1993), the University of Minnesota Foundation, St. John's University, Carlson School of Management, Women's Economic Alliance, and the United Way of Minneapolis, among others.

Luella's work has garnered many awards including the Governor's Leadership Award for the State of Minnesota and the National Conference of Christians and Jews Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service. In 1997, Luella was named one of Minnesota's three most influential women in business, and her significant leadership has paved the way for younger generations of women to serve in top-level positions in corporate America.


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