Nomination Process

How to Nominate an Alumna for the Sed Ministrare Volunteer Award

We welcome qualified nominations from all volunteer roles with an alumnae club, class, SIG, and/or the College. Any individual alumna can be nominated. An alumna or group of alumnae may make nominations. The award is presented annually in October during Wellesley BLUEprint.

Alumnae Volunteer Award Candidate Criteria:

  • The nominee has made significant or innovative contributions, shown superior performance and leadership, or has exceptionally embodied the motto, “Non Ministrari sed Ministrare.”

  • The nominee must be an alumna of Wellesley College.

Current members of the WCAA Board of Directors or Trustees of the College along with current employees of the WCAA and the College are excluded from award eligibility. 

Make a nomination here.

2019 award nominations must be submitted by April 1.

Multiple nominations for the same candidate are accepted. 

For more information or questions, please email