BLUEprint 2019



About Wellesley BLUEprint 2019: Expanding Alumnae Connections

Wellesley BLUEprint 2019 is an on-campus training event for volunteers in strategic leadership roles. The gathering is an evolution of Alumnae Leadership Council and is focused on sharing the Wellesley College Alumnae Association and College priorities. BLUEprint participants will leave campus inspired, energized, and ready to be ambassadors for Wellesley and cultivate future volunteer leaders.

  • Sessions will focus on leadership, College insights, role expectations, and inclusive engagement strategies. The weekend will also include opportunities to collaborate based on common roles. 

  • We will explore priorities, learn about Wellesley today, and provide ideas and information to expand connections. 

  • During the program we will encourage classes, clubs, and SIGs to collaborate on programming ideas and engagement opportunities.

Volunteer leaders in the following roles have been invited to attend:

  • Club president(s) and those in succession to take on strategic responsibilities. Up to two leaders from each club are invited.

  • Shared Identity Group (SIG) presidents and one vice president

  • New class presidents and vice presidents, Wellesley Fund representatives, and Durant chairs (from years ending in 4 and 9)

  • Reunion chairs, class presidents, Wellesley Fund representatives, and Durant chairs from reunion classes (ending in 5 and 0, and 1971)

  • Wellesley Fund representatives and assistant representatives from the youngest 10 classes (2009-2019)

  • Gift planning chairs


Online resources and BLUEprint toolkits are available for training and information about other volunteer roles.  

If you have any questions, please contact