Volunteer Tools

Volunteer Tools

Welcome Wellesley Fund volunteers!

Peer-to-peer outreach is instrumental in maintaining Wellesley's commitments to need-blind financial aid and high alumnae participation. By being a Wellesley Fund volunteer and inspiring your classmates to join you in supporting the College financially, you play an integral role in Wellesley's success. Thank you!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Norma Barrett, by calling 781.283.3335, or email her at nbarrett@wellesley.edu


Wellesley Fund 2018-19 Fundraising Goals

$10.3 million | 50% alumnae participation

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June 2019 Volunteer Action Items:

  • It's the final four weeks of the fiscal year! Go back through your list of LYBUNTs to see which classmates need to be contacted again this month. A gentle reminder may be all that is needed! Not sure who is most likely to give? Looking at giving history and consecutive years of giving may help to maximize your outreach efforts.


Volunteer Tools


Contact Your Wellesley Fund Class Liaison

Class Liaison
1930 - 1959 Barbara Colonna
 2005 - 2019 Julide Iye
1960 - 1974  Norma Barrett
1976 - 1990 Hillary Leahy
1975, 1991 - 2004, CE/DS Sarah Gilligan ’09


Contact: The Wellesley Fund | Green Hall, Room 143 | giving@wellesley.edu | 800.358.3543