Whether you made a $5 gift or a 7-figure gift,
your gift counts! When combined with others, your gift has a tremendous impact at Wellesley.

Every gift matters. Outstanding faculty, internships and financial aid, research opportunities, residence hall renovations, extracurricular activities, and more are all made possible with support from donors like you. Thank you!

FY15 Alumnae Participation

Gifts large and small represent a vote of confidence in Wellesley. Alumnae participation sends a message to students and potential students that you appreciate your Wellesley experience, value your education, and honor the life-long friends you made while here. In the last fiscal year, a remarkable 50 percent of Wellesley alumnae stood up in support of Wellesley's students, mission, and future by making a gift to the College. This is no small achievement! There are only a handful of U.S. colleges that boast giving rates at or above this elite level.

As a result of this accomplishment, the College received an additional $400,000 through our fiscal year-end donor challenge, titled We Are Wellesley. For more information and to see specific challenge results, visit the We Are Wellesley website.

Your Color Pride
The pride and love our Wellesley alumnae have for their class colors is strong! Last year, all four colors (and a fifth for Davis Scholars), were represented in our donor counts.

Wellesley Women are Loyal
We know our alumnae love Wellesley and are a loyal group. Many choose to give to the College every year. The chart below shows how many FY15 donors have made gifts to Wellesley consecutively for many years. Of the more than 15,000 alumnae donors last fiscal year, 81 percent of them have given for at least two years in a row!


Continued Success
You helped Wellesley reach the gold standard for alumnae participation rates by achieving 50 percent. It is true—every gift, of any amount—counts. Your participation matters and has great impact. 


The Power of Many: Small Gifts Make a Mighty Impact

Last year, more than 13,600 gifts of $100 or less provided Wellesley with $691,516!

With this sum, the College could award financial aid packages to 20-25 students. Without your generosity, many Wellesley students would not have had the chance to attend Wellesley, learn from our world-renowned faculty, study abroad, take part in internships opportunities, and ultimately, leave Wellesley prepared to change the world. We couldn't do it without you!

Dollar Sense: Your Purchasing Power

Curious to know what other resources your gifts help to provide? Consider this...

$10 gift might provide:

  • art supplies for a Book Arts workshop
  • a pair of laboratory safety goggles
  • an hour of peer tutoring

$25 gift might provide:

  • orientation materials for students starting their theses
  • a biological pipette
  • a warm-up shirt for a varsity basketball player

$100 gift might provide:

  • one scholarly ebook for the library
  • an orchid for the Botanical Gardens collection
  • one set of glassware for the Science Center chemistry lab