Your generosity allows Wellesley’s faculty and administration to deliver an acclaimed liberal arts education that attracts the best and brightest young women from around the world.

College Expenses (FY14)

The College allocated approximately 61 percent of its operating budget on academic programs, student services (including room and board), and other programs. 

College Revenues (FY14)

The College has multiple revenue sources, but like most peer institutions, endowment income and gifts (when combined) and tuition and fees were the largest sources of annual revenue.

Office for Resources (FY15)

Approximately 20 percent of the more than $52 million raised by the Office for Resources went directly to supporting unmet financial aid needs and the immediate annual needs of Wellesley students and faculty. Other monies raised provide for the future of the College through gifts to the endowment or were gifts given to support specific areas of need, such as student/faculty research, academic departments, the maintenance of the College grounds, and the restoration of academic and residential buildings.