Donor Stories

"Women have made a lot of progress in society, but we have still not reached a point where there is true gender equality. Mindful of this, I try to help other women when I have the chance. Giving back to Wellesley is one clear, strong way for me to reach out to the next generation of women who will make a difference in the world."

—Alecia DeCoudreaux '76

"I was instantly attracted to the Scholars Program for one simple reason: it enabled me to link my gift to Wellesley with a student who would directly benefit from it. Although I know that each gift to the College benefits students in one way or another, I liked the personal tie that my gift forged with a student whose life was changed by her ability to go to Wellesley. Putting a face to one's gift helps to remind me that when we give to Wellesley, we are giving to bright and talented individuals who will make a profound difference in the world."

—Alice Yurke '84

"I made an endowed gift to Wellesley for financial aid because I want the Wellesley experience to be available to all qualified women regardless of their financial circumstances. What's satisfying about an endowed gift is the assurance that the gift will live on. I hope that I will be able to add to it over the years so that it will increase even more, in time. It will continue to serve, continue to benefit women for generations to come."

—Vicki Herget '73

"I like the idea that a small part of my retirement program is in Wellesley's capable hands. After 34 years of teaching here and after serving on many of the committees that oversee the College's finances, I know my deferred payment gift annuity will operate smoothly and reliably after I turn 68, when the income starts to flow to me. And I am happy the College will ultimately have the proceeds of my gift in the future."

—Howard Wilcox is a Professor of Mathematics at Wellesley College

"I was self-employed and decided that this was a way to establish my own pension plan. To be able to move from stocks to bonds without having to sell or lose anything, I rebalanced my portfolio in the direction that an older person should. So this was a really fortunate thing. The fact that I can give back to Wellesley while I benefit in return is amazing."

—Marylin Chu Chou '55

"Wellesley has given so much to me. I can't begin to count the number of wonderful experiences that would not have happened to me were it not for the friendships that are part of this place. Simply put, the College has been a major part of my life. Knowing that Wellesley is named as a beneficiary of my estate is yet another way I can repay the College for all that it has done for me."

—Barbara Reade Levings '47