Shared Identity Groups give alumnae the opportunity to connect with each other and the College based on a common activity, purpose, background, or interest.

Traditionally, alumnae have been able to make connections based on when they graduated (class) and where they live (club).  By offering a new way for alumnae to make connections – through an affinity or shared identity group – the Alumnae Association hopes to extend its reach, engage more alumnae, and further strengthen the alumnae network.

If you are interested in starting a group or becoming a member of a group, please contact the Alumnae Association at or 781-283-2332. 

Shared Identity Groups:

Professional Shared Identity Groups:

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Shared Interest Discussion Groups:


If you are already part of a group that has been operating independently of the Alumnae Association, we would love to talk with you about the services and support we can offer your group.  We would also like to list your group's website on this page. Please contact .