Faculty Speaker Program

Faculty Speaker Program

The Faculty Speaker Program is intended to provide intellectual stimulation, reflect the ongoing excellence of the Wellesley faculty, and offer a means for alumnae to connect with each other and to the College. Each year, members of the faculty visit approximately 30-35 alumnae clubs around the country, and occasionally, around the world.

Who Are The Speakers and What Are Their Topics?

The list of speakers and their topics are listed here. The document is divided by department, listing the name of the professor or administrator with their title underneath, and the topic(s) they would be willing to speak about in italics. Wellesley faculty are most effective when they speak about their own research or on a topic of current interest in their field; you may, however negotiate a topic not listed if it is acceptable to the speaker.

View the list of faculty speakers and their topics here.

For Wellesley Faculty: If you are interested in participating in the Faculty Speaker Program, please email alumnae@wellesley.edu.

To Request a Speaker

For the 2020-21 academic year, the Faculty Speaker program will be entirely virtual. Complete the Faculty Speaker Request Form referencing the list of speakers who are available to Wellesley clubs. Be sure to indicate a few speaker options, in case the first faculty member we approach is unable to accomodate your request.
The WCAA strongly prefers that clubs use the request form and do not approach faculty on their own. Since the WCAA covers the cost of the honorarium, it is very important the office is aware of requests.
Once Your Speaker Is Confirmed...
The WCAA will send the club a confirmation email with the professor’s name, contact information, and date of the talk. It is then the club’s responsibility to reach out to the faculty member to coordinate further details. Invitations may be extended to current students (depending on the time of year), parents of current students, and prospective students.
Should you have further questions, please contact Emily Welch, assistant director of alumnae engagement at the WCAA, ewelch@wellesley.edu.