Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines


social-media-guidelines-finalWellesley College Alumnae Association

Social Media Guidelines for Classes, Clubs and SIGs

The WCAA has developed the following social media guidelines to help our alumnae volunteers manage Wellesley class, club, or shared identity group social media channels. We recommend you post this to your group page/account and/or publish it on your group website, to ensure that all members understand proper use.

As a social media group representing the ______________ [e.g.,Wellesley Class of 1984, New York Wellesley Club, etc.], we would like to make members aware of our acceptable use policy. Your social media presence reflects not only you personally, but your professional reputation, your group or organization, and, by extension, Wellesley College and the Alumnae Association. Even within an unofficial or closed Wellesley channel, your comments and/or behavior online may have far-reaching consequences.

We ask that those who engage with Wellesley’s social media communities act in accordance with The Honor Code, with respect, honesty, and integrity.  Please conduct yourself in a manner befitting a Wellesley alumna. We reserve the right to remove comments by impersonators or those who do not comply with the guidelines below:

Be respectful. Comments should not defame, attack, or disparage. Profanity, obscene content, and personal attacks will not be tolerated.


Be authentic. All comments and content must be from named individuals. Do not post using an alias or an identity other than your own. Do not copy and paste comments or content from other individuals or institutions without their permission.


Be confidential. Do not post confidential or proprietary information. As a safety precaution, do not post your address, phone number or email address on social media. If you wish to share this information with a fellow alumna, do so privately via a direct message.


Encourage conversation. To keep dialogue on topic, comments that appear to be commercial or that could otherwise be viewed as spam will be deleted.


Realize your posts are public; nothing is truly private. Do not post anything that you would not want attributed to you in a newspaper. Think about your comments, photos, videos or other content in a larger context. Before posting, remember that anything you share in social media, even within closed networks, immediately becomes public and lives on in perpetuity. Your content can be stored and shared around the world instantaneously, even if you try to delete it.