Program Ideas

Most clubs choose to invite a faculty speaker from the College to be a keynote speaker at one of their meetings.

These are often the most popular events of the year, a taste of “Wellesley today,” and a fine event to build the year around. Of course there are numerous other programs that clubs have presented. Below is a sampling of successful programming ideas categorized by type of event.

Social Events:

• Wine tasting
• Movie night
• Dinner and dancing
• Pizza & basketball game
• Bowling
• Cooking class
• Garden tour and luncheon
• Plant swap; cookie swap
• Tour of historic landmark
• Theater performance
• Ballet
• Backstage tour of performing arts center
• Potluck dinner
• Orchestra performance
• Brewery tour and sampling
• Wellesley tennis match
• Ice-skating
• Baseball game
• Flower Sunday celebration
• Canoe trip
• Botanical garden tour
• Picnics and pool parties *
• Concert
• Photography exhibit

* In addition to being an informal way to bring area alums together, summer picnics are frequently timed to act as a friendly send-off for new and returning Wellesley students. Also noteworthy, nearly every club reported some sort of holiday celebration for December ranging from wine and cheese receptions, luncheons or dinners to coffees, teas, and sharing in song.


• Guest faculty lecture
• History museum tour
• Book lecture
• Women’s health panel
• Art conservation program
• College for a Day
• Science fair
• Science symposium
• Architects tour
• Book and author luncheon

Career Development:

• Alumnae panels with career discussion
• Women in Media
• CWS Career Program
• Women and Investing
• Career networking event
• Networking lunch


• Prospective student gathering
• Student/alumnae panel
• Send off party for new and current students
• Admitted student event in April
• Book Award event

Many clubs take the opportunity of Wellesley’s Wintersession to invite current students in their area to attend admission events and participate in panel discussions with alumnae on Wellesley’s influence in their lives.

Most clubs reported holding a fall or winter gathering for current and prospective students and then a second one in the spring (April) to welcome accepted students. All clubs are encouraged to host a “send-off” event for current students and keep them informed of all club events.

Participation in the book award program is high, even among clubs who are in transition and hold no formal meetings. (For more information on the book award program, see Chapter VII.)

Community Service/A Day To Make A Difference:

• Habitat Day
• Cross-club event
• Read to children or the elderly
• Cook/serve meals at a shelter
• Donate food/time to animal shelter
• Refurbish a shelter
• Soup kitchen sponsorship
• Clean and landscape crisis center
• Reach out/visit with senior Wellesley alumnae who are not able to attend club meetings
• Participate in or collect donations for Race for the Cure
• Collect and donate books to children’s ward at hospital
• Donate business clothing to women’s shelter
• Career counseling or mentoring for women at shelter
• Collect food and toiletries for food pantry