Advertisement and Inquiries

Reach over 35,000 alumnae and community members with your advertisements.

About Advertisements

US Post Office regulations require that all advertisers in Wellesley magazine be affiliated with the College and/or the Alumnae Association, or one of their subsidiary groups.

All advertisers must be organized groups that are recognized by the College or the Alumnae Association.

All advertisements must market a product, service, or event that holds wide interest for alumnae. Advertisements may not be used for soliciting funds or for listing donors to a particular group. (An exception to this policy has been made for the Wellesley College Resources Office, per a 1952 agreement with the Alumnae Association.)

Wellesley does not accept ads for products that are not sponsored by the Association, one of its subsidiaries, or a College-related group. This policy extends to Wellesley-related products sold by outside organizations and to items manufactured or marketed by individual alumnae.

No outside organizations may be mentioned by name in advertisements, per postal regulations.

Classified ads for vacation homes are not accepted, per postal regulations.

All advertisements are accepted at the discretion of Wellesley's editor.

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Placing an Advertisement

Advertising copy must be received by the following deadlines:

Fall issue (in print by Nov. 15)   September 1
Winter issue (in print by Feb. 15)   December 1
Spring issue (in print by May 15)   March 1
Summer issue (in print by July 15)   May 1

Rates: If your ad requires significant design work, a design fee will be added to your bill.

Size Ad Rate Design Fee
1/12 page $150 $50
1/6 page $300 $75
1/3 page $600 $100
1/2 page $900 $150
1 page $1800 $200

Wellesley does not accept oral requests or standing requests to advertise. However, advertisers who know their plans for the fiscal year (July 1–June 30) may place a written request to advertise that covers a full year. Please note that advertising space is limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requests to advertise must include the full text of the advertisement. Advertisers will be charged a design fee when ad layout involves more than simple typesetting and placement of graphics.

Dimensions of pages are roughly: (subtract for margins, depending on design of ad)

1/12 page ----- 2 3/8 x 2 3/8
1/6 page ----- 2 7/16 x 4 7/8
1/3 page ----- 4 3/4 x 4 7/8
or 2 7/8 x 10
1/2 page ----- 7 7/16 x 4 7/8
1 page ----- 8 1/2 x 11

Groups advertising products that have not previously appeared in Wellesley must provide the product or a clear color photograph to the magazine office.

Advertisers will be billed by the magazine office after publication.

Payment is due within 30 days of receipt of bill.

No group may run a subsequent advertisement until all bills are paid in full. Groups with financial concerns should contact the editor at or (781) 283-2341.

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About Inquiries

These noncommercial notices are published as a service to our readers.

Most are calls for information from alumnae, for example, a Nabokov scholar seeking Nabokov's former students. Wellesley also accepts notices of Wellesley-related items available from individuals with some connection to the College for one-time sale.

Groups selling products for fund-raising purposes and individuals selling for profit may not publish inquiries.

Classified ads for vacation homes are not accepted, per US Post Office regulations.

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Placing an Inquiry

Send the full text of the inquiry to Wellesley's editor at In the subject line, please write "Inquiry Submissions."