All students planning to study art abroad or at an institution other than Wellesley for a semester, year, or summer must arrange meetings with their major or minor advisers prior to departure to discuss how their plans will impact the completion of their majors and their Wellesley degrees. We also recommend that non-departmental students intending to take an art course elsewhere for credit meet with the relevant member of our faculty regarding their plans. Without such a meeting, and ongoing consultation, there is no guarantee that courses will transfer as expected. 



The Architecture Program normally grants transfer credit for 200-level architecture (Studio or Art History) courses only; 100- and 300-level requirement for the major must be completed on campus. Ordinarily, no more than two units of transfer credit can be applied towards the minimum major. 200- and 300-level courses at MIT are transferred through the Wellesley-MIT exchange program; please see the “MIT Design Sequence” section of the course catalog ( for further information about MIT courses. If approved by the Registrar and the relevant department, transfer credits will count towards completion of your Wellesley degree. 


Students seeking either departmental or distribution credit must submit the transfer of credit request to the Registrar’s Office; please follow the instructions posted on the Registrar’s site (  Submit all of the requested information, as well as a complete syllabus (translated into English if necessary); the Registrar’s form cannot accept attachments so please email your syllabus and any other documentation as a Word or PDF file to the relevant faculty member for review.  Architecture course syllabi should be submitted Professor McNamara (

The Art Department will not act on any transfer of credit requests without a completed transfer of credit request form, syllabus, and (if relevant) portfolio; the sooner you submit this information, the sooner we can inform you of the departmental decision.  As this may affect your major or graduation plans it is to your advantage to complete this process in a timely fashion. 

Transfer Credits

Students arriving at Wellesley as transfer students in their junior or senior years may transfer up to five classes toward a departmental major; these credits cannot take the place of 300-level courses.  All transfer students must submit the necessary forms to the Registrar and arrange an appointment with the relevant faculty member (see above) to review transcripts, portfolios, and syllabi as soon as possible upon arrival at Wellesley.